The Lifters - The Lifters
The Lifters was an early rock-a-billy band, similar to The Stray Cats. The Lifters S/T debut album is really the first album where Michael contributed something to someone else's band. He wrote the song "Baby Left Me."

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The Lifters
The Lifters (1983 Ministry Resource Center)
Produced by Dan Willard

Chris Brigandi - Guitars, Lead Vocals
Brian Ray - Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals
Kass - Bass Fiddle, Electric Bass, Background Vocals

Joey Taylor - Piano
Bill Walden, Dave Hackbarth, "Antwan" Adams - Horns
Darrell Mansfield - Harmonica
Eddie Espinosa - Add'l guitar

01) Living Water Joey Taylor, Brigandi
02) Baby Left Me Michael Knott
03) Bucket of Blues Brigandi, Ray
04) Eternity Bop Mark Krischak
05) I'm Yours Eddie Espinoza
06) He's My Lord Brigandi

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