Idle Lovell - Surge et Illuminare
The first official release on Blonde Vinyl Records. Considered by many to be a classic gothic album. Some even consider it to be the first Christian goth album. It was never released on CD, and copies are now hard to find.

Review: "Idle Lovell was the first(?) of the Knott secular-deal-hopeful bands that played around LA clubs and sent around demos. Idle Lovell's 30-minute 6-song EP, SURGE ET ILLUMINARE, was the first Blonde Vinyl release, and the only one to actually be pressed on vinyl. *FANTASTIC* album, with a more Sisters of Mercyish dark synth dance sound. (Lifesavers Dance?!? LSD??!!) Features earlier versions of "I Can't Wait" and "Shallow." Weird ownership technicalities make a reissue unlikely. What a shame..." Michael Toth

Other information:
"Touch Me in the Wind" was included on the Lifesavers - Poplife re-issue as a bonus track. "I Can't Wait" (Idle Lovell version) was included on the L.S.U. - This is the Healing re-issue as a bonus track.

Idle Lovell
Surge et Illuminare (1984 Blonde Vinyl Records)
Produced by: Thom Roy

Michael Knott - vocals, guitar
Jim Richards - keyboards
Vince Pangrazio - bass
Bradford J. Salmon - drums

01) Touch Me in the Wind Knott    1 
02) Shallow Knott Re-recorded on LSU - This is the Healing  
03) I Can't Wait Knott Re-recorded on Lifesavers - Kiss of Life  2 
04) Only Knott    
05) One-Sided Love Affair Knott, Pangrazio    
06) Drone Knott    

1 Also on the Lifesavers - Poplife re-issue
2 Also on the L.S.U. - This is the Healing re-issue

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Comments about Idle Lovell - Surge et Illuminare
Wow cool promo pictures, hard to believe that is Mike :) thanks for sharing them Matt.

Comment posted by Shawn Ness on Monday, October 04, 2010 at 01:08 PM
I actually found a sealed copy of this record in Las Vegas. Had to sell it years later...

Comment posted by navfox on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 at 10:49 AM
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