Daniel Amos - The Revelation
The Revelation by Daniel Amos is one of the odder entries in DA's discography. It's basically a cool musical and spoken word exploration of the book of Revelations. Michael provided background vocals for "Soon!"

The song that Michael contributes to, "Soon!", is also included on Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor - The Miracle Faith Telethon.

Other information:
Re-released in 2000 on M8 records.

album cover

Daniel Amos
The Revelation (1986 Frontline Records)
Produced by Terry Scott Taylor

Pastor Chuck Smith - Narration and commentary
Terry Taylor - Lead vocals, guitars, background vocals, additional keyboards on album segways
Jerry Chamberlain - Guitars, lead vocals on "Lady Goodbye", background vocals
Marty Dieckmeyer - Bass guitar, BGVs
Mark Cook - Keyboards, lead vocals on "He's Gonna Do a Nimber on You", background vocals
Ed McTaggart - Drums, percussion, BGVs

'La La Singers' on "Soon!": Terry, Rob, Ken Samuels, Mike Knott

01) Finale: Bereshith Overture Chamberlain, Cook, Taylor  
02) Lady Goodbye Chamberlain, Cook, Taylor  
03) The Whistler Chamberlain, Cook, Taylor  
04) He's Gonna Do A Number On You Cook  
05) Better Chamberlain, Cook, Taylor  
06) Sail Me Away Chamberlain, Taylor  
07) Posse In The Sky Taylor  
08) Soon! Taylor Mike Knott: one of the 'La La Singers'

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