Bomb Bay Babies - demos
One of many obscure Michael Knott bands that had a huge buzz and major label attention, but nothing really came about from it. Michael decided to start a "secular" band (Bomb Bay Babies) to work along side his "Christian" band (L.S.U.). Sensing that glam rock would make a comeback, he started playing a mix of glam and punk that took the Sunset Strip by storm. Multiple demos were recorded, but no official information has been released about these demos.

Review: ""The Bomb Bay Babies were playing around Southern CA and actually sold some songs to a big secular publishing outfit. 2 songs were actually broadcast on ESPN as music under a spot on skateboarders and another one about Las Vegas. Almost an album's worth of demos were recorded about the same time as THIS IS THE HEALING, most of which were sent around within various levels of the recording industry, several of which Knott sold publishing rights to, and probably none of which will ever see commercial release. (I don't think Knott even possesses copies of most of this stuff) But they ARE out there somewhere." Michael Toth

Other information:
Information on these demos is hard to find, so some of the information below may not be accurate. Some of these songs were released on the Bomb Bay Babies Volume 1 album.

album cover

Bomb Bay Babies
Demos (1987)
Produced by Michael Knott

Michael Knott - vocals and guitar
Jamie Makarczyk - bass and vocals
Neal Vorndran - drums and vocals

Demo version one:
01) Money Knott    1 
02) Girls Gone Crazy (aka Whirlwind) Knott    2 
03) I Want Your World Knott    1 
04) Apocalypse Lips Knott Re-recorded on Screaming Brittle Siren  3
05) Revolution Knott    
06) Liar Knott Re-recorded on Screaming Brittle Siren  4

Demo version two:
01) Energy Knott    3
02) Amercian Dream Knott    3
03) Nachoes Knott    
04) Revolution Knott    
05) Liar Knott Re-recorded on Screaming Brittle Siren  2
06) Money Knott    1
07) Whirlwind Knott    2
08) Rock Thing Knott    
09) I Want Your World (Be My Doll reprise) Knott    1

Demo version three:
01) American Dream Knott    3
02) Money Knott    1
03) Stuck in a Whirlwinsd Knott    2
04) I Want Your World Knott    1
05) Energy Knott    3
06) Apocalypse Lips Knott Re-recorded on Screaming Brittle Siren  3
07) My Addiction Knott    3
08) Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Knott    3
09) One World Government Knott    
10) Tell Me You Love Me Knott    
11) Treat Me So Mean Knott    
12) Hold Your Hand Out Knott    

1 Also on the Lifesavers - Poplife re-issue
2 Also on Things I've Done, Things to Come compilation
3 Also released on Bomb Bay Babies - Volume 1
4 Also on the L.S.U. - This is the Healing re-issue

Comments about Bomb Bay Babies - demos
I actually had the demo with Energy on it that Mike gave me. Demo version 2 I imagine because it started with Energy. I wish it had survived all these years.I loved Bomb Bay Babies live. Mike Knott unleashed from LSU hehe. Great stuff.

Comment posted by Kenny Cross on Thursday, November 20, 2008 at 11:12 AM
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