Mark Krischak & Friends - Volume 1
This album is a compilation of songs from projects that Mark Krischak has been involved in. "Watch Nowhere" was orginally written by Michael Knott. The other tracks are listed as Lifesavors songs, but Michael's role in these songs is unknown.

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Mark Krischak & Friends
Volume 1 (1988 Heath Dog Violet Records)
Produced by: Jenni Bond

01) Louvre Another Time, Another Place unknown  
02) Louvre I'm with You unknown  
03) Vacation in Heaven In His Scene (live) unknown  
04) Vacation in Heaven I Take a Walk (live) unknown  
05) Vacation in Heaven Automatic News (live) unknown  
06) Vacation in Heaven The Kingdom (live) unknown  
07) Mark & Kirk Watch Nowhere Knott Original version is on Dream Life
08) Lifesavors Passin' Trends (live) unknown  
09) Lifesavors Voices (aka "Lost in the Darkness") unknown Also on The Lost Nasville Demo
10) Lifesavors I've Got To unknown Original version is on 3-14-81 Live
11) Labor of Love Message to the Bands unknown  
12) Labor of Love All My Love unknown  
13) Labor of Love It's So Simple unknown  
14) Labor of Love Modern World unknown  

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