ACM Compilation # 1
Short but good compilation of underground bands, many of which would re-surface on Blonde Vinyl Records. The rumor was that all of the bands on this comp were signed to Blonde Vinyl, but some decided not to record. The L.S.U. song was only available on this comp for several years.

album cover

Various Artists
ACM Compilation # 1 (ACM Records 1990)

01) Dead Artist Syndrome Dance With Me  
02) Blue Trapeze In Your Garden  
03) L.S.U. Industry, Inc. Also on Live Long & Perspire & remixed on Bring It Down Now
04) Sincerely Paul I Saw Sin  
05) Blackhouse We Will Fight Back  
06) Uthanda The Way You Are  
07) Windy Lyre Ave (demo?) Studio version appears on Windy Lyre (S/T)

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