Dance House Children - Songs & Stories
Dance House Childrens' first album, with art work by Michael Knott.

album cover

Dance House Children
Songs & Stories (1991 Blonde Vinyl Records)
Produced by Dance House Children

Ronnie Martin - Vocals, keyboards, rhythm programming
Jason Martin - Keyboards, guitars

Cover Art by Rod Roels & Gerard (Knott)

01) A Windswept Place R. Martin
02) Grandfather Clock R. Martin
03) Darling Valentine R. Martin
04) Held By Your Wishes R. Martin, J. Martin
05) Beautiful And Lovely R. Martin
06) Blue Bonnet R. Martin
07) The Old Oak Tree R. Martin
08) Spinning Wheel R. Martin
09) The Gingerbread Meadow R. Martin, J. Martin
10) Springtime Blossoms R. Martin
11) Galore J. Martin
12) There Will Never Be R. Martin

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