Fluffy - Go, Fluffy, Go!
Michael's role on this album is not fully known. Fluffy was a punkish band that went a little grunge/alterntive on this release before changing names to Duraluxe. Michael was credited as providing background vocals on one song. The liner notes say that a lot of the sogs were written with Mike. But it doens't say if that means Mike Knott or another Mike that worked on the album. Since two songs were re-recorded by other Knott bands, most assume that this was referring to Mike. But the liner notes don't point out which songs were written with Mike.

album cover

Go, Fluffy, Go! (Blonde Vinyl Records 1992)
Produced by: Jeffrey

Oxy ("yum yum") Magillicuddy - Esophogus
Gilgamesh Magillicuddy - Rhythm bed and breakfast
Beans< - 3 string rickenbacher distort-o-bass
Chrissy - zesty pesto guitar
Michael Knott - background vocals on "Princess." All songs by Fluffy, a lot of them with Mike, except "Jessie's Girl"

01) Little Finger Eye Unknown  
02) Guitars, Guns, and Girls Knott? Re-recorded by the Aunt Bettys (see Things I've Done...)
03) Not Easy Being Me Unknown  
04) Traci Unknown  
05) Hullaville Unknown  
06) Amboy Bound Unknown  
07) Kiki Wombauk Unknown  
08) Jessi's Girl Rick Springfield  
09) Princess Unknown  
10) Crystal Unknown  
11) White Trash Knott? Re-recorded by L.S.U. (see Live Long and Perspire)
12) Little Finger Eye Coda Unknown  

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