Brian Healy / D.A.S. - Devils, Angels, & Saints
The second gothic release by Dead Artist Sydrome, now called "Brian Healy / D.A.S." Michael Knott is officially listed in the liner notes only on Track 8, but the official Brian Healy / D.A.S. website listed Michael as part of the "box spring baptist fair haired boys choir" that provided background vocals on Track 11.

Rumor has it that Healy wanted to release this album through Blonde Vinyl, but Healy and Michael couldn't come to an agreement so it was released through Eden Records. The liner notes make mention of the album being "tied up in Knotts" at one time - possibly a reference to this situation.

album cover

Brian Healy / D.A.S.
Devils, Angels, & Saints (1992 Eden Records)
Produces by Derald Daugherty, Brian Healy, and Steve Hindalong

Brian Healy - Vocals

01) Hello Healy  
02) Redemption Healy  
03) Fall Apart Healy  
04) With You Healy  
05) Angeline Healy  
06) California Dreamin' John Phillips  
07) Alone Healy  
08) Obsexxed Healy Extreme Front Side Snare Drum: Michael Knott
09) Beautiful World Healy  
10) If The Stars Should Fall Healy  
11) Take My Hand Healy Background Vocals: "box spring baptist fair haired boys choir"
12) Devils, Angels & Saints Healy  

Comments about Brian Healy / D.A.S. - Devils, Angels, & Saints
Actually me and Mike never had an actual contract for Devils Angels

Comment posted by Brian Healy on Sunday, April 17, 2011 at 05:39 PM
Brian - sorry that your comment got cut-off. These comment boxes are homemade and they run into problems sometimes - especially with things like parenthesis and ampersands and all that. Would love to hear what you had to say - especially since most of the information above came from a Knott interview from a long time ago that I can't find anymore and is probably incorrect due to my bad memory.

Comment posted by Knotthead Matt on Sunday, April 17, 2011 at 05:46 PM
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