Wish for Eden - Pet the Fish
This is the first release on Tooth & Nail Records. The Wikipedia entry for Tooth & Nail records says that this was originally slated as a Blonde Vinyl release. Wish for Eden was an eastcoast hardcore band that only recorded one album.

album cover

Wish for Eden
Pet the Fish (1993 Tooth & Nail Records)
Produced by Wish For Eden

Executive Producer: Michael Knott

Rob Walker - Vocals, guitar, lyrics
Mike Ballard - Bass guitar
Ed Bailey - Drums

01) Questions Wish for Eden
02) Ocean Wish for Eden
03) Don't Know Wish for Eden
04) U Could Wish for Eden
05) Green Wish for Eden
06) Fly Wish for Eden
07) Me Wish for Eden
08) Fade Wish for Eden
09) Blood Wish for Eden
10) Pet The Fish Wish for Eden

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