The Throes - Fall on Your World
Michael's contribution to this album by The Throes is not necessarily a song. It's a wake-up message left on an answering machine by Michael that was then played on top of some music. Cool, but a little odd....

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The Throes
Fall on Your World (1993 Glasshouse Records)
Produced by Steve Hindalong, Derri Daugherty, and William Campell

William Campell - Guitars, lead vocal
Robert Yarbrough - Guitars, backing vocal
Jeff Booth - Guitars, Backing vocal
David Lash - Bass guitar, backing vocal
Matt McCartie - Drums, percussion

All songs by The Throes

09) Say Hello  
09) Tangerine Leaves  
09) Noose Of Trust  
09) Way Too Much  
09) Jordan  
09) Oh Well  
09) Pain Of The Next  
09) Blow Out The Candle  
09) Where Is the Fire?  
10) For The Honesty  
11) Wake-Up Call Wake-Up Call by Michael Knott
12) Sounds Like Heaven  

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