Deitiphobia - Clean
The liner notes on this album are a little unclear as to if Michael provided guitar just for the two songs below or for the whole album. They do indicate that he provided vocals for these songs.

album cover

Clean (1994 Myx Records)
Produced by Wally Shaw

Wally Shaw - Vocals, keyboards, percussion (real & imagined)
Sheri Shaw - Keyboards, vocals
Josh Plemon - Guitars, percussion
Luke Mazzeri - Keyboards, sub enforcement

01) The Shake (Part I [Body])  
02) Take the Sin  
03) Hypnotique  
04) Ancient Guitars, Vocals by Michael Knott
05) Redemption Draweth Nigh  
06) Vivid Guitars, Vocals by Michael Knott
07) Clean  
08) Go Prone  
09) The Shake (Part II [Brother])  
10) Enraptured  
11) Perfect Eyes  
12) Redemption (K-Otic Mix)  
13) Perfect Eyes (20/20 Mix)  
14) Transmission V.1.1  

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