Deitiphobia - Fear of the Digital Remix
Liner Notes:
All songs on this project were originally written and recorded by DEITIPHOBIA. They were creatively procured and extracted, then digitally spindled, folded, and otherwise manipulated until they hardly bore a resemblance to the original masters (Fear of God, Blonde Vinyl, 1991 and Digital Priests: the remixes, Blonde Vinyl, 1992). By adding his misunderstood genius, Michael Knott was able to create a veritable plethora of new and interesting sounds. Think of it as a sonic painting using the sounds of DEITIPHOBIA as the colors. The collage contained on this album is his creation as a tip of the hat between friends.

A message from the producer:

I would like to thank Wally Shaw and Brent Stackhouse for allowing me to put my ideas into this project. They are both very talented artists. I would also like to state that the form of the project may or may not be what they might have had in mind from their original compositions.

Thank you!
Michael Knott

album cover

Fear of the Digital Remix (1995 Myx Records)
Produced by: Michael Knott

Michael Knott - Digitally Edited Remixer

01) TV original song by Deitiphobia
02) Blind Hate original song by Deitiphobia
03) Exorcist original song by Deitiphobia
04) Need original song by Deitiphobia
05) Religious Fanatic original song by Deitiphobia
06) Mastermind original song by Deitiphobia
07) Wilbur original song by Deitiphobia
08) The Late Pastor Harry Dean original song by Deitiphobia
09) Arc original song by Deitiphobia
10) B-Movie original song by Deitiphobia
11) Vamp Jesus original song by Deitiphobia

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