Aunt Betty's Ford - Demo # 2
The second professional Aunt Betty's Ford (later changed to just "The Aunt Bettys") demo, this one a little darker than the first demo. I'm not sure of the release year of this, but it had to be before any of the other Betty's stuff. The first three songs on here originally came from Rocket and a Bomb in some form.

album cover

Aunt Betty's Ford
Demo # 2 (1995 Independent)

Michael Knott - Vocals, acoustic guitar
Andrew Carter - Lead guitar, background vocals
Brian Doidge - Bass, background vocals
Chuck Cummings - Drums, percussion

01) Rocket and a Bomb Knott Re-recorded on Aunt Bettys (See also Demo #1)
02) Kitty Knott Re-recorded on Aunt Bettys
03) The Shotgun Knott Re-worked version of "Serious" from Rocket and a Bomb
04) Kill Me Knott Released on Things I've Done, Things to Come

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