Gray Dot Records Summer 95 Sampler
Another peice of cover art designed by Michael. This cover was a stamp that was stamped on different peices of paper (toilet, brown bag, etc) and given out with a Gray Dot 1995 sampler.

album cover

Gray Dot Records
Summer 95 Sampler (1995 Gray Dot Records)

Cover stamp artwork by Michael Knott

01) L.S.U. Funky Space Cat Also on Bring It Down Now
02) L.S.U. Rocket & a Bomb (live) Also on Bring It Down Now
03) The Strawmen Come Back
04) The Strawmen Sometimes
05) Breakfast With Amy Icky
06) Breakfast With Amy This Train
07) Urban Shakedancers Jerry The Junker
08) [silence]
09) Mortal Running To Stand Still/Ruby Tuesday (live)
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