Aunt Bettys - Aunt Bettys
This was the big time for Michael. After years of attempting to gain a recording contract with a major label, he finally landed one. In fact, at least two labels were battling over the Aunt Bettys. Many people in the industry named them the "next big thing." But, this album wasn't promoted as it should, and just seemed to disappear soon after release. Still, it's an excellent example of energy and passion captured in all it's digital glory.

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Aunt Bettys
Aunt Bettys (1996 EastWest Records)
Produced by: Michael Knott, Gene Eugene, and Mark Rodriguez

Michael Knott - Vocals, acoustic guitar
Andrew Carter - Lead guitar, background vocals
Brian Doidge - Bass, background vocals
Chuck Cummings - Drums, percussion

01) Jesus Knott Re-worked version of "Tonight" from Fluid
02) Mother Trucker Knott  
03) Star Baby Knott  
04) Skinny Bones Jones Knott  
05) Lush Knott  
06) Feel Knott  
07) Rocket & a Bomb Knott Original version on Rocket and a Bomb
08) Addict Knott, Doidge  
09) Speeder Mode Knott  
10) Kitty Courtesy Knott Originally on Rocket and a Bomb
11) Little Fighter Knott  
12) Suicide Sex Doll Knott  
13) Jane Knott  
14) Cruel Knott  
15) Double Knott Originally on Grace Shaker album
16) Rock and Roll Knott  

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