Kevin Clay - Watch Me Fall
This album begins an era when Michael was producing and mixing for other artists. Out of all the artists produced by Michael, Kevin Clay was probably also the most influenced by Michael in musical style.

Other information:
This album was re-mastered and re-issued in 2011 with a different cover as a digital download from BandCamp

album cover

album cover
Kevin Clay
Watch Me Fall (1996 Alarma Records)

Produced and mixed by: Michael Knott

Kevin Clay - voice, guitars
Ed Benrock - drums
Brian Doidge - bass, guitar
Malisa Hansen - cello
Mike Knott - BGVs

01) Don't Tell Jude 3:05 Clay
02) Super Sucker Salvation 2:16 Clay
03) Squeaky Clean 3:08 Clay
04) Kiss and Tell 3:03 Clay
05) Copelandhagin 3:20 Clay
06) Still Human 3:22 Clay
07) Adam 2:46 Clay
08) Date Rape 3:05 Clay
09) Spacey Stacey 2:26 Clay
10) Shotdown 3:11 Clay
11) Seed 4:57 Clay
12) Rose of Sharon 3:20 Clay
13) Watch Me Fall 3:16 Clay
14) Come To Thee 4:00 Clay


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