Penny Dreadfuls - Penny Dreadfuls
This album randomly happened to have one song mixed by the same team that produced the Aunt Betty's album.

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Penny Dreadfuls
Penny Dreadfuls (1996 Restless Records)
Produced by Dennis Herring

Anna Chaffee - Vocals
Melanie Makaiwi - Guitar
Chimene Gonzalez - Bass
Andrea Sanchez - Drums

01) Unravel  
02) Fodder  
03) I Don't Know Why Mixed by Michael Knott, Gene Eugene, and Mark Rodriguez
04) She Draws The Rain  
05) I Feel Fine  
06) Sucked Dry  
07) Sooner Or Later  
08) Man On Your Tongue  
09) Trick  
10) Try It On  

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