Starflyer 59 - Americana Demos
In the mid-1990's, Starflyer 59 had a possible publishing deal with a company called Rondor with a "pretty decent" budget to record some demos. Rondor wanted Knott to produce. At the time, Starflyer 59 thought something big was going to happen, but no deal came of it. They recorded 5 or 6 songs. A few re-worked versions of these songs went on the Americana album, and the other two wound up on the Easy Come, Easy Go box set.

album cover

Starflyer 59
Americana Demos (1996 independent)
Produced by Micheal Knott

Jason Martin - Vocals, guitar
Campuzano - Bass
Wayne Everett - Drums, vocals

??) Elijah The Prophet Martin Also on Easy Come, Easy Go and The Fashion Focus
??) Everyone But Me Martin Also on Easy Come, Easy Go
??) ? Martin
??) ? Martin
??) ? Martin
??) ? Martin

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