Various Artists - Miami Freestyle
One of two compilations that recently appeared online listed "Want Me" by Michael Moret (Knott) as one of the tracks. Track listing appears exactly the same as the Miami Beatz compilation.

album cover

Michael Moret
Miami Freestyle (1996 Vision Records)

Michael Moret (Knott) - vocals

01) Shana I Want You 5:06
02) Tony Moran Dreamin' Of Making Love 4:35
03) Wizzzard Get Off 8:57
04) Secret Society Love Is Not Forever 7:14
05) Los Sucios Sucias 4:54
06) Ehab Shirley, You Can't Be Serious 7:14
07) Michael Moret Want Me 6:44 other versions are on Michael Moret - Want Me
08) K.C. Please Don't Go 5:05
09) Berkley Van Byrd I Like What I See 6:20
10) London Exchange Memories Of You 6:47
11) Tiger Moon Something Tells Me 6:56

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