Ruby Joe - Sinking the Eight Ball
Another album produced by Michael Knott. Michael Knott also added some vocals and guitars to this album. Ruby Joe plays rock-a-billy influenced rock.

album cover

Ruby Joe
Sinking the Eight Ball (1997 Sublime Records)
Produced by: Michael Knott

Greg Russinger - Lead vocals, guitars
Joe Baugh - Guitars, background vocals
Christina Hock - Drums
Amber Reeves - Bass

Michael Knott - Additional background vocals and guitar

01) Skin
02) Within
03) Childhood Love Song
04) Death Train
05) Fat Cat
06) Rock 'N' Roll and My Baby
07) Spiritual Heroin
08) Rocket Ship
09) Studio, No. 5
10) People Underground
11) Tongue Is Numb
12) Let's Go

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