L.S.U. - Dogfish Jones
Another rock opera by Michael. This one has 70s sea-tale feel to it, whatever that means. This was also a very family-oriented album, as Michael's Dad and Daughter contributed songs. Flying Tart went under before this was released widely, so there have been several attempts through the years to re-issue it.

Other information:
Re-released in 2003 on KMG Records as a box set with 2 other bands
Re-released in 2005 on Retroactive Records.

album cover

Dogfish Jones (1998 Platinum / Flying Tart Records)
Produced by: Michael Knott

Michael Knott - Vocals & acoustics, paintings
Chuck Cummings - Drums
Jeff Elbel - Bass
Andrew Carter - Guitar
Chris Brigandi - Guitar
Gene Eugene - B-3 Organ
Howard Knott - Vocals
Nate Catch - Strings

01) Dogfish Jones M. Knott  
02) Storm at Sea Howard Knott  
03) Let Me Out M. Knott  
04) Barnacle Bob M. Knott  
05) Down M. Knott  
06) Greensea Island M. Knott  
07) Hated Souls M. Knott  
08) Tell of Well M. Knott  
09) Mercy Maid M. Knott  
10) Magical Rainbow Door M. Knott, Stormie Knott  
11) Seashell Sally M. Knott  
12) Edge M. Knott  
13) Shanghai Overdrive M. Knott  
14) The Boyos Howard Knott Re-recorded by The Rovers Three

Comments about L.S.U. - Dogfish Jones
Great, great album. I was lucky enough to find this on at Family Christian Stores the day it came out right before Flying Tart\'s demise. Probably the most layered vocals on any Knott album.

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