Starflyer 59 - The Fashion Focus
Michael Knott provides some cool background vocals for "Shut Your Mouth". In 1999, Burnt Toast Vinyl released a vinyl version of The Fashion Focus with a bonus seven inch disc listed below. The Easy Come, Easy Go box set released later also lists Michael as the producer of "Elijah the Prophet" - a demo recorded for Americana but not released on that album. It is not known if the B-side song ("Never Had One" aka "Never Had a Name") was also produced by Knott.

album cover

Starflyer 59
The Fashion Focus (1998 Tooth & Nail Records)
Produced by Gene Eugene

Jason Martin - Guitar, keyboards, singing, bass guitar, tambourine
Jeff Cloud - Bass guitar
Wayne Everett - Drum kit, tambourine, backing vocalist, sleigh bells
Gene Eugene - Keyboards, bass guitar

01) I Drive a Lot Martin  
02) We're the Ordinary Martin  
03) Sundown Martin  
04) Fell in Love at 22 Martin  
05) A Holiday Song (Happy Holidays) Martin  
06) All the Time Martin  
07) The Birthrite Martin  
08) Card Games and Old Friends Martin  
09) Shut Your Mouth Martin M. Knott - Backing Vocal
10) The Fashion Focus Martin  
11) Too Much Fun Martin  
12) Days of Lamech Martin  

album cover

Starflyer 59
The Fashion Focus bonus disc (1999 Burnt Toast Vinyl)
Produced by Michael Knott

01) Elijah the Prophet Martin Produced by Michael Knott
02) Never Had One (Never Had a Name) Martin  

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