RIM v. beta
One of Michael's songs from his industry demo is included on this album. It was only available here until it was released a year later on the Definitive Collection.

album cover

Various Artists
RIM v. beta (1998 Bigwig Enterprises)
Produced by Brad Caviness and Jeff Elbel

01) Every Day Life Time To Change
02) Battered Fish Sometimes
03) Fuzzy Matthews I'm Gone
04) Farewell To Juliet Holiday On Ice
05) Kevin Clay Coffee With Caffeine
06) Adam Written On the Body
07) Moby (performing as Vodoo Child) Dog Heaven
08) Evanescence Understanding
09) The Huntingtons Dokken Roll
10) Michael Knott Miss Understanding Also on Definitive Collection
11) Jeff Elbel Miracle Rain
12) Simple Mary's Diary Magnetic Baby
13) Bon Voyage Be What I Need
14) Britannika How We Shipwrecked Our Lives
15) Sunny Day Roses You Know What To Do
16) Vigilantes of Love Rising, Although Slow

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