Michael Knott - 1998 Demo
This demo is a little bit of a mystery. It was mentioned in the news section of the old official MIchael Knott site. The person reporting the news said that they had not heard these songs yet, and they were not released on any industry demos. Two songs were re-worked Aunt Bettys songs, but the other song has never been released anywhere else (at least under this title).

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  Michael Knott
Demo (1998 Independent)

01) Downtown also known as "Female Hero" "Female Hero" is on Things I've Done, Things to Come
02) Christine on Crystal re-worked with string section Original version is on Aunt Bettys - Ford Supersonic
03) Popsticle Stick re-worked as a piano ballad Original version is on Aunt Bettys - Ford Supersonic

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Thanks to Shawn for digging up the information about "Downtown" from a former Knott manager.

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