Fraidy Cats - Hoopie Rides Again
Michael produced the lone album by this punk rock band.

album cover

Fraidy Cats
Hoopie Rides Again (1999 Bulletproof Music)
Produced by Michael Knott

Gabe Grim - Vocals
Fluffy the Cat - Guitar
Smiley - Bass
Animal - Drums

01) Apathy, Purgatory, And My Ultimate Salvation
02) Dan the German
03) Kandie Anne Benett
04) Pride in the United States Armed Forces
05) John Wayne
06) Burn
07) Born into a World of Darkness and Deceit
08) Johnny Rockett
09) The del Mar
10) Lift
11) Won't You Be My Neighbor
12) Christian the Brave
13) The Song of Ascents

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