Lost Dogs - Real Men Cry
Michael contributes to vocals on a Lost Dogs album - Americana/Country at it's finest.

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Lost Dogs
Real Men Cry (2001 BEC Recordings)
Produced By Terry Taylor, Derri Daugherty and Mike Roe

Mike Roe - Guitars and Vocals
Derri Daugherty - Guitars and Vocals
Terry Taylor - Guitars and Vocals

01) A Certain Love Taylor Mike Knott - Vocals
02) Gates of Eden Taylor
03) Real Men Cry Taylor
04) Three Legged Dog Taylor
05) When the Judgment Comes Taylor
06) In the Distance Taylor
07) The Great Divide Taylor
08) The Mark of Cain Taylor
09) Dust on the Bible Taylor
10) Wild Ride Taylor
11) Golden Dreams Taylor
12) No Shadow of Turning Taylor
13) Lovely Man Roe

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