L.S.U. - Finding Angel
At a concert in October of 2001, Michael revealed that he had originally tried to pitch this album to Tooth & Nail Records, but they said "they couldn't do it right now." At the time he pitched the album, it was titled "Music Explosion" and the cover depicted a huge nuclear explosion. Recorded in August of 2001, the songs were all about the world exploding and buildings coming down. In September of 2001, the 9-11 attacks occured as Michael was painting at 4am (California time). This freaked him out because he had just recorded this album about the same type of stuff happening. So he decided to change the title of the album to "Finding Angel" and change the cover artwork.

Liner notes:
This CD was recorded on a Panasonic cassette recorder from my couch at home and mastered by Andrew Prickett. All songs written and performed by Michael Knott, except Haydn Flute performed by Kerry A. Mack.

album cover

Finding Angel (2001 Independent)
Produced by: Michael Knott

Michael Knott - Vocals, acoustic guitar, song writing
Kerry Mack - Haydn Flute

01) Siren Unseen Knott  
02) Chaser Knott  
03) Rubble This Knott  
04) Stereo/Radio Knott  
05) Finding Angel Knott Re-recorded on Comatose Soul
06) Playing Ground Knott  
07) Yeilding Arms Knott  
08) Serenade Reprise Haydn Knott  
09) Pop Goes the World Knott Re-recorded on Comatose Soul
10) Song Knott  
11) All the Merry Men Knott  
12) Sun Shine Knott  

Comments about L.S.U. - Finding Angel
a lo-fi masterpiece!

Comment posted by garrett on Monday, November 03, 2008 at 03:05 PM
One of my favorite Knott projects, lots of guts and despiration gotta love it

Comment posted by Jed on Thursday, March 05, 2009 at 10:03 PM
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