Various Artists - Freestyle Meets 2-Step
This is one of the few places that "Want Me" by Michael Moret (Knott) is on CD. This "single mix" sounds pretty close to the "club version" on the original album. The compilation lists someone named "Kee" as one of the songwriters (along with Knott), but there is little information other than that.

album cover

Michael Moret
Freestyle Meets 2-Step (2001 Soundland Productions)

Michael Moret (Knott) - vocals

01) We Are Electric (Bassheads remix) Flying Steps
02) Falling Slowly (Miami-Mix) Shana
03) Tender Love (Album Cut-Mix) Stevie B
04) Comming From The Past (Radio Mix) Samantha Evora
05) Memories Of You (Big Beat Mix) London Exchange
06) Dreamin' Of Making Love (Album Mix) Tony Moran
07) One Way Love (Miami-Mix) A'Klan
08) Want Me (single mix) Michael Moret other versions are on Michael Moret - Want Me
09) All Cried Out (Hot-Mix) Dennie feat. Collage
10) Something Tells Me (Album Mix) Tiger Moon
11) Please Don't Go (Album Mix) K.C.

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