Michael Knott - Comatose Soul pre-release
The original pre-release of Comatose Soul. This release was a limited edition, signed and hand numbered CD (only 500 copies made). All of the songs on this release made it on to the final release, but in a different order. Extra songs were also added to the final release.

album cover

Michael Knott
Comatose Soul pre-release (2002 Independent)
Produced by: Michael Knott and Chris Colbert

Michael Knott - Vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, bass, painting, background vocals, mixing
Andrew Prickett - Guitar
Eli - Bass
Shawn Tubbs - Acoustic Guitar
Dicky Ochoa - Keyboards
Frank Lenz - Percussion, drums, background vocals
Chris Brigandi - Guitar on "Pop Goes the World"

01) Crusin' Ride Knott  
02) Callous Wheel Knott  
03) Pusher Knott  
04) Pop Goes The World Knott Original version is on Finding Angel
05) Finding Angel Knott Original version is on Finding Angel
06) Box Car Knott  
07) Comatose Soul Knott  
08) Gray Daze Knott  
09) Down Knott  
10) Gold Knott  
11) Lollipops & Daisy's Knott, Kerry Mack  

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