Michael Knott - Hearts of Care
Hearts of Care is a lighter, softer album of music that probably best fits in the Americana genre. Knott had released a few independent releases that showcased an acoustic side to his music before this one. He had also headed up the Brow Beats Unplugged Alternative album and rumors of an unplugged L.S.U. "best of" album had been circulating for a while. But this album was the first time he went for a full album of acoustic / organic sounding music for a full label release.

album cover

Michael Knott
Hearts of Care (2002 Northern Records)
Produced by: Andy Prickett

Michael Knott - Vocals, guitar, harmonica on "Hammers and Nails", paintings
Andy Prickett - guitars, keyboards
Beth Spransy - violins, vocals
Noah Riemer - guitars, harmonica

01) Detox Radio Staion Knott
02) Bus Stop Knott
03) She Steals This Heart Knott
04) Hearts of Care Knott
05) And I Love You Girl Knott
06) Of My Love Knott
07) Waiting for Your Turn to Smile Knott
08) She Comes Comforting Knott, Riemer
09) Wasting Time Knott, Riemer
10) Nothin' is Roses Knott
11) Hammers and Nails Knott

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