Charity Empressa - The Skin of Whippets
Charity Empressa's second album of minimalist drone music. The front cover and other artwork on the album were created by Michael Knott.

album cover

Charity Empressa
The Skin of Whippets (2002 Velvet Blue Music)
Produced by Frank Lenz and Eric Campuzzano

Artwork by Michael Knott

Charity Empressa is Frank Lenz and Eric Campuzzano

01) Catscratchfeveronthefourty-five Lenz / Campuzano
02) Goldengate Lenz / Campuzano
03) Jackass Lenz / Campuzano
04) Skinofwhippets Lenz / Campuzano
05) Vamosalaplaya Lenz / Campuzano
06) Themissingmanformation Lenz / Campuzano
07) Puxxy Lenz / Campuzano

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