Squad Five-0 - Late Breaking News
Adam Garbinski wrote in to tell us that Michael performed background vocals on "Secret Society." Due to some union rules, they couldn't credit Michael - but he is in there if you listen.

album cover

Squad Five-0
Late Breaking News (2004 Capitol Records)
Produced by: Matt Wallace

Jeff Fortson - Vocals
John Fortson - Bass
Adam Garbinski - Rhythm guitar, vocals
Kris Klein - Super lead guitar
Dave Petersen - Drums, vocals, percussion, guitar

01) Always Talkin', Never On The Run 4:18  
02) Lay It Down 3:06  
03) 2 Grand And A Lot Of Hassle 4:25  
04) All We Have 3:14  
05) Bye American 3:45  
06) Don't Hesitate 4:43  
07) Secret Society 3:54 Michael Knott: back-up vocals
08) Left Alone 3:28  
09) Train Of Shame 3:32  
10) Keep Me Up At Night 3:23  
11) No Heroes 4:49  
12) Everything 6:05  

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