Michael Knott - The All Indie E.P.
Independently released CD-R, with layout design by Michael's father Howard. Limited to 500 copies - but each copy was signed by Mike.

album cover

Michael Knott
The All Indie E.P. (2006)
Produced by: Mike Knott & Rick McDonough

Michael Knott - vocals, guitars, bass, live drums
Rick McDonough - guitars, background vocals, slide guitars, keyboards, bass
Luke MacLennan - Kick A vox on # 2

01) Liv'n A Lie Knott
02) Beautiful Square Knott
03) Did You Know Knott
04) All Fall Down Knott Re-recorded by Lifesavers on Heaven High
05) The Hugging Song Knott
06) All You Can Do Knott
07) All The Bottles Knott


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