Windy Lyre - Overflow
The long-awaited follow-up album from Windy Lyre. MIchael Knott returns to provide song writing and musical support, but this album also sees Rick McDonough coming on board to help out in many ways. The musical and lyrical style are similar to the debut album.

album cover

Windy Lyre
Overflow (2008 Independent)
Produced and Mixed by Mike Knott and Rick McDonough

Windy Lyre - Vocals
Mike Knott - Guitar, bass, drums, keyboard
Rick McDonough - Electric guitar, bass, lap steel, keyboards, drums
Art by Stormie

01) Overflow 2:47 Lyre, Knott
02) Rescue 3:47 Lyre, Knott
03) More Than Ever 3:49 Lyre, Knott
04) Beautiful 4:06 Lyre, Knott
05) Crumbs 3:34 Lyre, Knott
06) Dance Over Me 4:46 Lyre, Knott
07) Hollow 3:28 Lyre, Knott
08) Let Me Love You 4:36 Lyre, Knott
09) Love is the Thing 3:57 Lyre, Knott
10) Beloved 3:03 Lyre, Knott
11) Wrap You in Heaven 4:28 Lyre, Knott

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