Terry Scott Taylor - Random Acts & Hodgepodge
This re-issue of a Terry Taylor fan club CD-R saw the addition of several tracks from the Browbeats and Alternative Worship collections that Michael Knott and Taylor worked on together. There are no new songs here for Knott fans, but there are many great unreleased Terry Taylor songs.

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Terry Scott Taylor
Random Acts & Hodgepodge (2008 Independent)
Produced by Terry Scott Taylor (except tracks 4 & 8 by Michael Knott; Tracks 5 & 6 by Knott and Gene Eugene; and Track 7 by Ojo Taylor)

01) Starter Set demos Satellite Moon T. Taylor 3:16
02) Starter Set demos Prayer Warrior T. Taylor 3:59
03) Brow Beat Will Have To Do For Now T. Taylor 4:10
04) Alternative Worship On My Feet Again Knott 3:59
05) Browbeats Happy Old Man Knott, Taylor 3:38
06) Browbeats Allison Knott 4:35
07) Ojo - Relative He Fell In The Water O. Taylor 3:57
08) Alternative Worship Simple Man Knott 3:27
09) Neverhood Demo Don't Do Maybe T. Taylor 0:45
10) Skullmonkeys Demo Celestial Pineapples T. Taylor 3:35
11) Skullmonkeys Demo Unna Walka Walka Hey! T. Taylor 1:54
12) Skullmonkeys Demo Monk Rushmore (Instrumental Funky Monkey) T. Taylor 1:46
13) Theme Song Goodie Bear T. Taylor 1:05
14) Theme Song Project G.e.e.K.e.R T. Taylor 1:10
15) Theme Song The Hamster Theme (from Koghead and Meatus) T. Taylor 2:19

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