Hidden From Blackout - Breakups And Fur Coats
Hidden From Blackout is Rick McDonough, who is half of Struck Last May. Hidden From Blackout is an indie/ experimental/ alternative project that "reaches out through musical minimalism into emotional connections, like memories that are almost attainable, but are never quite within reach."

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Hidden From Blackout
Breakups And Fur Coats (2009 Hill Deg Maria Records)
Produced by Rick McDonough and Michael Knott

Rick McDonough: Guitar, samples, vocals, lyrics and studio production
Michael Knott: Co-production and co-mixing, Guitar on "Space"
Christopher Bright: Drums on "As Noon," "rIsan," and "Fade"

01) As Noon McDonough
02) 41-D McDonough
03) S McDonough
04) Space McDonough
05) rIsan McDonough
06) Versiken McDonough
07) Fade McDonough
08) Perhaps McDonough
09) Regret McDonough
10) Santa Ana McDonough
11) Venice Of America McDonough
12) Revive McDonough


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