Lifesavers - Heaven High
In June 2008, Joshua Lory wrote in to say that a new Lifesavers album was in the demo stage. No definite plans or release dates, but songs were being worked on in Beach Boys / Ramones vibe.

As of December 2008, 16 music demos were completed and ready for the lyric and harmony writing process. Accoring to their MySpace page, "Our goal is to make the ultimate soundtrack for Summer, rockin' songs with lush vocal melodies from start to finish!"

At the beginning of 2011, the band started a kickstarter campaign to fund the rest of the album. Originally titled Dog Days Of An Indian Summer, the name was changed to Heaven High.

The album was recorded and released in 2013. Two mixes were completed of the album. The first one by Masaki Liu was released in cardboard sleeve as the "Kickstarter Edition." In 2014, the second mix by J. Powell was re-issued as a digipack by Retroactive Records as the "Retroactive Edition," with modified and expanded artwork.
album cover

album cover

Heaven High (Kickstarter Download Version) (2013 independent)
Heaven High (Retroactive Edition) (2014 Retroactive Records)
Produced by Masaki Liu and Joshua Lory

Michael Knott - Vocals, additional Guitar on track 10
Joshua Lory - Bass, additional guitar on track 6
Masaki Liu - Guitar, Synth, Keys, Programming
Nick White - Drums
Chris Dugan - Drums on track 7
Rick McDonough - Lap Steel on track 10

01 Heaven High Knott / Lory 2:09
02 All Fall Down Knott 3:25 Original Version is on All Indie EP
03 Bark/Bite Knott 1:54 Original Version is on 2003 Tour CD 2
04 Offed My Head Knott / Lory 2:27
05 I Love It When Knott / Lory 2:30
06 Dog Days Of An Indian Summer Lory 2:28
07 Oh Baby Knott / Lory 2:52
08 Stereo Radio Knott 4:46
09 Ocean View Lane Knott 2:19
10 Last Spring Knott 3:10


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