Remembering Gene Eugene
Remembering Gene Eugene includes interview footage from members of his bands, Adam Again and The Lost Dogs, as well as many other musicians who were significantly influenced by Gene, either in-studio or on-stage. During Gene’s last days on earth he recorded three covers, "Something About What Happens When We Talk" and "Famous Blue Raincoat," by Leonard Cohen, and "Coming Back To You" by Lucinda Williams. According to Gene's dad, Gene L. Andrusco, "The three songs were recorded in the Green Room just before Gene's untimely death in March, 2000. We decided not to edit the tapes in order to leave his interpretive feelings." They are available for the first time on this digital-only album.

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Various Artists
Remembering Gene Eugene (2014 Brainstorm Artists Int'l)

01) Gene L. Andrusco Gene's Dad 1:14
02) Michael Roe, Riki Michele, Erik Tokle, Ojo Taylor First Impressions 2:07
03) Paul Valadez Interview 0:35
04) Greg Lawless Interview 0:55
05) Johnny Knox Interview 1:15
06) Riki Michele Interview 0:29
07) Riki Michele, Jon Knox, Terry Taylor Ode To Gene's Butt 1:58
08) Erik Tokle Interview 0:47
09) Gene Eugene Something About What Happens When We Talk 5:04
10) Terry Taylor Interview 1:49
11) Derri Daugherty Interview 1:42
12) Michael Roe Interview 1:50
13) Michael Knott Interview 1:03
14) Michael Pritzl Interview 1:43
15) Gene Eugene Famous Blue Raincoat 5:18
16) The Prayer Chain Interview 1:50
17) Jars of Clay Interview 2:28
18) Frank Lenz Frank Lenz's Gene-isms 0:50
19) Rob Watson Interview 0:35
20) Ojo Taylor Interview 2:10
21) Todd Zeller Interview 0:50
22) Gene Eugene Coming Back To You 4:09

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