Eymard - Light
Eymard is the ambient side project of long time Knott collaborator Rick McDonough. Light is their second release.

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Light (2014 Independent)

Ele McDonough: keyboards on tracks 2, 4, and 6
Michael Knott: vocals and keyboards on track 9
Rick McDonough: all else written, performed, recorded, and mixed
Walt Daciuk: mastering

01) G2 3:57
02) I'm the Starry Eyed Dreamer 4:36
03) Ignition and Invitations 3:07
04) Dreams and Dawn Remind 1:48
05) Light Years Away 4:06
06) Every Eve, Every Dawn 4:25
07) Stars and Documents 2:48
08) Our Endless Orbit 4:22
09) Ele's Song 1:36 Knott: vocals and keyboards

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