Basement Tapes
According to Mike Indest, producer of this compilation, "The Basement Tapes idea was to showcase new indie artist that have been influenced by the artists that DTL (Down The Line) covers. In some ways the artists on the comp are the second or third generation of 'Alternative Christian Music.' The bloodline has been hijacked and this was a way to keep the thread going." From the official press release: "In all, fourteen artists delivered twenty five tracks. The album art was painted by another figure that looms large over this 'second or third generation,' Michael Gerard Knott of L.S.U./Lifesavers and Aunt Bettys, and bassist for the most current iteration of Lifesavers, Joshua Lory, is also a contributor to the project."
album cover

Various Artists
Basement Tapes (2014 independent)
Produced by Mike Indest
Cover Painting by Michael Knott

01 Human 2.7 Hidden Sight 5:17
02 Theo Obrastoff Easy Way Out 4:11
03 Jon Jordan Found 3:32
04 Jim Wiita Totem Pole 4:04
05 Eddie Parrino I Just Wanna Be With You 5:51
06 And How Coincidentally 4:15
07 Straighteners & Fasteners Gravity 3:47
08 Jeff Elbel (of Ping Blue Skies 3:59
09 the b-attitudes Have You Been Forsaken Lately? 3:40
10 Western Grace Feat. Jason Groff I Just Might 3:43
11 John Piccari The Sky 5:21
12 The Radiant Dregs Here I Am 1:22
13 Dw Dunphy Monument Valley Road 3:30
14 Mike Indest Everything 2:43
15 John Piccari What The What 3:20
16 The Radiant Dregs Savior 2:39
17 the b-attitudes Only For A Moment 4:12
18 Western Grace Feat. Jason Groff Hopefull Songs Hopefull Times 2:58
19 Dw Dunphy What Forever Is Like 4:01
20 Straighteners & Fasteners Dandelion 4:38
21 Jon Jordan B.M.L.B. 3:43
22 And How That Magic, That Happens 3:06
23 Jim Wiita One Time 3:09
24 Theo Obrastoff Shake Me; Wake Me 4:19
25 Human 2.7 Walking Away 5:49


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