Dead Artist Syndrome - Kissing Strangers
The long awaited new Dead Artist Syndrome album also features the first Michael Knott guest appearance on a DAS album in several decades.
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Dead Artist Syndrome
Kissing Strangers (2015 independent)
Produced by Brian Healy, Ric Alba, Ojo Taylor, John Piccari, and Thom Roy

Brian Healy - Vocals, programming, words, and music
Ric Alba - Bass, acoustic guitar, vocals, words, and music
Gym Nicholson - Lead, acoustic, and everything else guitars
Ojo Taylor - Piano, puump organ, and keyboards
Marc Plainguet - Keyboards

Special appearances by:
Steve Hindalong - Drums and things you hit or shake
Rikki Michelle - Vocals
Michael Knott - Acoustic & electric guitar

01) Misery Babe Healy, Alba
02) Kissing Strangers Healy, Alba
03) 13 Healy, Alba
04) Crazy Girls Healy, Alba
05) Mirror Healy, Alba
06) First We Take Manhattan Healy, Alba
07) A Boy and a Girl Healy, Alba
08) Drone Healy, Alba
09) Comfortably Numb Healy, Alba
10) Jesus Hold Me Closer Healy, Alba

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