Michael Knott - Live at Cornerstone 2002
Michael Knott Bootleg Series Volume 1 from Young Earth Records. Recorded direct from the soundboard at Cornerstone 2002 by Bob Wilkinson. This release mastered by Joshua Lory with art by Joshua Lory.
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Michael Knott
Live at Cornerstone 2002 (2016 Young Earth Records)

Michael Knott - Guitars, vocals
Brian Moore - Guitar
Joel Votam - Bass
Jesse Sprinkle - Drums

01) Cruz'n Ride 2:45
02) Finding Angel 4:02
03) Kitty 4:16
04) Sorry 4:19
05) Comatose Soul 4:36
06) Rockstars on H 3:20
07) Sugar Mamma 4:26
08) Detox Radio Station 6:50
09) The Bomb/Not a Cussword 7:40
10) Cool/Thru 7:41
11) Tattoo 5:23
12) This is the Healing 3:22
13) Rocket and a Bomb 5:45


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