Michael Knott - Songs From the Feather River Highway EP
As part of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Michael Knott announced that we would be recording a new EP of material to be released on CD and vinyl:

"Michael Knott will be working once again with Joshua Lory, and Rick McDonough to record a new EP to be released on 7" vinyl! Knott, Donough, and Lory teamed up in the past to bring you L.S.Underground's brooding yet hopeful PTSD and the Lifesavers triumphant return, the Kickstarter fan-funded Heaven High. The EP will be at least 4 brand new Knott songs! And how awesome will it be to drop this thing on the ol' record player!?!?"

album cover

Michael Knott
Songs From the Feather River Highway EP (Independent)

Michael Knott - Vocals, Guitar
Joshua Lory - Bass, also additional Guitar on 3, Keys on 1
Rick McDonough - Guitar, Bgv, additional lead vocal on 3, Keys, Piano (On "Piano Concord")
Jesse Sprinkle - Drums

Executive Producers: Kevin Shafer, Todd Rosso, Gregory Knekleian, Matt Dawson, Richard Towry, Steve Ruff, Brenda Lory

Produced and engineered by Joshua Lory at Young Earth Studio, with Jesse Sprinkle at Blue Brick Recordings, Rick McDonough Hail Mary Studio, and Michael Knott

Mixed by Joshua Lory, drums mixed by Jesse Sprinkle

Mastered by J.Powell at Steinhaus Mastering

Photography Rick McDonough
Layout and Design Matt Crosslin

01) Tremor Train Overloaded 4:38 Knott
02) Lady of Lourdes 2:40 Knott / McDonough
03) Pictures in Cinders 4:05 Lory / Knott / McDonough
04) The Medow 3:42 McDonough / Knott
05) Piano Concord (digital bonus) 3:02 McDonough

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