Michael Knott - Rocket & a Bomb Live!
After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Michael Knott and band performed the entire Rocket and a Bomb album live in concert. The concert happened on November 7, 2014 at the Christ Community Church in Concord, California. Dead Artist Syndrome was the opening act and Michael Knott was followed by a special set by Michael Roe (the 77's and Lost Dogs). The convcert was recorder for a special live album and DVD release.

album cover

Michael Knott
Rocket & a Bomb Live! (2016 Independent)

Michael Knott - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Rick McDonough - Electric Guitar
Joshua Lory - Bass
Nick White - Drums

Recorded and Mastered by Masaki Liu
additional engineering Rick McDonough
Produced and Mixed by Joshua Lory
Executive Producers-Kevin Shafer, Todd Rosso, Gregory Knekleian, Matt Dawson, Richard Towry, Steve Ruff, Brenda Lory
Artwork Ben Newsum

01) Jan the Weatherman Knott 2:59
02) Jail Knott 3:08
03) Make Me Feel Good Knott 5:20
04) Serious Knott 3:50
05) John Barrymore Jr. Knott 2:20
06) Train Knott 4:11
07) Bubbles Knott 3:44
08) Kitty Knott 2:20
09) Adrian Knott 3:22
10) Skinny Skins Knott, Rekedal 4:02
11) [thanks] 0:24
12) Rocket and a Bomb Knott 5:28
13) Never Forsaken (encore) Knott 2:24
14) Hand Me Down My Walking Cane (encore) Traditional 1:56


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