L.S.U. - Live in Florida 12​/​30​/​1994
Michael Knott Bootleg Series Volume 2 from Young Earth Records. Recorded Recorded Live at The Refuge in St. Petersburg, Florida by Rob Schwartz . This release mastered by Joshua Lory with art by Joshua Lory. From Young Earth Records:

L.S.U. live, raw and savage, hot, sweaty, an electric crowd, improve musical moments, Ramones, Knott toying with the folks trying to sing along, torn teddy bears, and clam chowder, the van ride that followed is the stuff of legends! One of my personal favorite shows, the crowd is a little too close to the mic, but man are they having a good time! it's sloppy genius from a musician stand point. A bootleg recording in it's purest sense, I'm so glad it was captured! Peace and Blessings, Josh
album cover

Live in Florida 12​/​30​/​1994 (2016 Young Earth Records)

Michael Knott - Vocals, Guitar
Brian Doidge - Bass
Michael Hawkins - Drums

01) The Bomb / Not a Cussword 6:31
02) Hang Me High 4:17
03) It's a Crazy Thing 3:55
04) Ellis / English 5:51
05) Double 6:05
06) Die Baby Die 5:31
07) Plague of Flies 2:11
08) Rocket and a Bomb 5:37
09) Kitty 5:11
10) Skinny Skins 3:03
11) Shallow 5:00
12) Wanna be Sedated 3:22
13) Tether to Tassel 7:25


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