Live At The Viper Room 3​/​4​/​1998
From the old Knott page news section: Mike's second "official" post-Aunt Bettys solo project show was held on March 4, '98 at the Viper Room in Hollywood. The show attracted a large crowd, including many of the industry reps invited from labels such as Atlantic, Interscope, and significant smaller labels. Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads, Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, and the bass player of Live were also seen in attendance. They were there to see bands following Knott, but they heard Knott nonetheless.

Recorded direct from the soundboard by Jeff Elbel. Original master by Bruce Neher. Remaster and editing by Joshua Lory @ Young Earth
album cover

Michael Knott
Live At The Viper Room 3​/​4​/​1998 (2017 Blonde Vinyl Records)

Michael Knott - lead vocal, electric guitar
Andy Prickett - lead guitar, background vocal
Eric Campuzano - bass
Robert Meyer - Fender Rhodes keyboard, organ, background vocal
Ed "Giles" Benrock - drums, background vocal

01) Miss Understanding 3:48
02) Movie Star 3:37
03) Sugar Mama 4:11
04) Good Byes 3:50
05) Christine On Crystal 4:25
06) Local Supply 3:43
07) Mister Down 3:44
08) Transister Sister 3:50
09) Devotion (Studio Bonus Track) 3:43
10) Miss Understanding (Studio Bonus Track) 3:58
11) Good Byes (Studio Bonus Track) 4:16


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