The Connie Dungs - Songs For Swinging Nice Guys
This is a compilation of two earlier cassette-only release, Songs For Swinging Lovers and Nice Guys Finish Last. They had this to say of their Knott cover in the liner notes:

"This song was written by Michael G. Knott and was used because we like the song so much. The original version appears on Michael Knott's second solo album, Rocket and a Bomb. It's not punk but it's really good."

album cover

The Connie Dungs
Songs For Swinging Nice Guys (1998 Mutant Pop Records)

Brandon Tussey - Singer, guitar
Wayne Griffith - Bass
Chris Griffith - Drums
John Spears - Guitar

01) Too Cruel    
02) Mannequeen    
03) Teenage Zombie    
04) Missy and Johnny    
05) Cowboy    
06) Used to Be Cool    
07) Yay Jesus    
08) High School Sweetie    
09) Stacey's Couch    
10) Cash In    
11) Teenage Punks on Talk Shows    
12) Kitty Knott Originally on Michael Knott - Rocket & a Bomb
13) Yesterday    
14) Better Than Me    
15) Somehow    
16) Kill Me in My Sleep    
17) Wimp Boy    
18) Girls Are Always Mean to Me    
19) Julie's Got a Fetus    
20) Froggy    
21) Boy of the Month    
22) Twenty Years    
23) Weiner (aka "I Hate This Town!")    
24) Medicine    
25) Showgirl    

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