globalWAVEsystem - Dead = Live
This album was a limited edition CD-R of 50 copies. The tracks on this recording were completed in November 1992, anticipating live globalWAVEsystem performances that never happened.

Track #13 is a cover of the L.S.Underground song.

album cover  
Dead = Live
Independent (1998)
Produced by globalWAVEsystem

christian-E! - writing, programming
A.T. Matthew - writing, programming
Christopher Buchholz - writing, programming

01) Deathstroke To Youth (Deathmix II) 5:44
02) It's Only Natural (Natural Dub For The Club) 3:57
03) X (Noisex) 5:22
04) It Was Born There 2:59
05) Soul Like Ice (Commitment Start) 3:12
06) Commitment (Old Start New End) 7:06
07) Plug Out (Dallas) 3:58
08) I.G.S.E.B. 4:55
09) Yukionna (Hot/Cold) 5:48
10) 2CINC! (Rec Mute Mix) 3:57
11) CXLIII 5:43
12) Evaluate (Short) 3:01
13) The (Hydrogen) Bomb 5:49 Knott Originally on L.S.U. - Wakin' Up The Dead

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