Kevin Clay - Jesusville U.S.A. - City of God
Kevin Clay shows more of his Knott influence here, especially with the live cover.

album cover

Kevin Clay
Jesusville U.S.A. - City of God (2000 Reborn)

- Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 ,10:
Kevin Clay - Vocals, guitar
Paul Ascuitto II - Drums
Troy Deaton - Bass
Murray - Voice

- Tracks 4,7,9:
Kevin Clay - Vocals, guitar
Troy Deaton - Drums
Murray, Deaton, & Sunshine Ameerica Clay - Voices

- Tracks 18, 19, 20:
Kevin Clay - Vocals, guitar
Zac Phisto Kesterson - Drums
Holy Jason Kesterson - Guitar
Bill - Bass

01) Jesus Always Answers When I Call Clay  
02) Salvation Is for Sinners Clay  
03) Warm Fuzziers (Cause What If It's God?) Clay  
04) Springs of Living Water
(Under the Spout Where the Glory Comes Out)
05) Head of the Table at the Lord's Supper Clay  
06) Following in the Footsteps of Christ Clay  
07) Let Go and Let God Clay  
08) Clothed in Christ Clay  
09) Godpop Clay  
10) Jesus Christ Superrockstar Clay  
11) Don't Tell Jude (Live) Clay  
12) Kiss and Tell Clay JAMBOX demos for Mike Knott 3.25.96
13) Watch Me Fall Clay JAMBOX demos for Mike Knott 3.25.96
14) Squeaky Clean Clay  
15) Adam Clay  
16) Shot Down Clay  
17) Rose of Sharon {Live) Clay  
18) Her Machining Clay  
19) Rock Stars on H (live) Knott Originally on Mike Knott - Strip Cycle
20) Pretty Vacant Clay  

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